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Welcome to The Visionary Optometrist

The Visionary was founded by Anriette Bester in 2007 in the Heatherpark centre in George. The goal of the practice has always been to offer something for everyone, from our pensioners that receive specs at much reduced rates, to our discerning market looking for something different. The practice prides itself in taking advantage of the latest modern technology to be able to capture images of the fundus, measure intra-ocular pressures, plot topographical maps of the cornea and offer therapy for children with visual and learning difficulties. We are also a therapeutic practice and able to perform dilated examinations, cycloplegic refraction and anesthetized foreign body removals. The Visionary prides itself paying forward into the community. We have worked closely with impoverished communities and also regularly perceptual analysis for our local schools.

Our Services

Comprehensive eye examination

Anterior segment evaluation

Fundus photography

Slitlamp examination

Fundus examination

Dilated fundus examinations

Glaucoma examination

Intra-ocular pressures


Contact lens fittings

In chair spectacle dispensing

Spectacle adjustments

Foreign body removal

Cycloplegic refractions

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Products We Stock


Contact Lenses


Brands We Stock

Every practice worth it’s salt offers a wide range of spectacles frames, by why not dare to be and look different?
We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of products that suit your budget and needs.

Frame brands we stock include:

Special Offers

How can we help you see the difference?


T&Cs apply

Single Vision Special

Includes clear single vision lenses, frame and comprehensive eye examination.


Bifocal Special

Includes clear bifocal lenses, frame and comprehensive eye examination.


Multifocal Special

Includes clear multifocal lenses, frame and comprehensive eye examination.


Blue Block Special

Includes single vision lenses with blue block, frame and comprehensive eye examination.



T&Cs apply

Tint Special

Buy a frame, comprehensive eye examination and two lenses and receive a photochromic tint for free.


Discovery Special

As a network provider on Discovery Health we offer you a 20% discount on frame and lenses.

20% OFF

Client Testimonials


I’m a spectacles (and later contact lens) wearer since childhood, so for more than 20 years. The Visionary was truly the best optical experience I’ve had. Excellent service, they take time with you and treat you with loving care, have affordable prices and they even make sure the specs fit you perfectly, help with the correct contact lens solution and for the first time in 20 years someone actually showed me how to properly clean my specs! I am truly impressed and highly recommend The Visionary and Anriette Bester.

– Esmeralda van Heerden.

Client Testimonials


The Visionary Optometrist is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. Thank you Anriette and team for the friendly, efficient, and professional service in testing, selecting, and fitting my glasses.

– Johann Verster

Client Testimonials


What a gem! Not only did I receive great professional service but I also felt cared for. Our whole family now goes to The Visionary and I can highly recommend this practice.
– Annalie

Client Testimonials


As a teacher, I have always referred my pupils to Anriette Bester for help. She even picked up that one little boy could not see in the amsler grid and referred him. The Visionary has always been my first port of call to help me diagnose and remediate learning problems.
– Mrs. Cable

Client Testimonials


I am so grateful for the respect and consideration The Visionary have shown the deaf members of my team. Anriette Bester has treated the ladies with compassion and great skill. Thank you for helping our ladies to see better when they sew!
– Azaria Sewing, Ethnos Missions International

Client Testimonials


I absolutely highly recommend the Visionary Optometrist to everyone. Their service is friendly and professional and they have a great selection of beautiful eyewear. I absolutely love my specs.

– Corinne Smit

Client Testimonials


Anriette aka The Visionary has been looking after me and my family’s eyes for a number of years and I can say that she is Friendly, Affordable, Capable, and Tops – a F.A.C.T. You will not be disappointed so go ahead and make an appointment.

– Corne Eksteen

Client Testimonials


I would highly recommend Anriette Bester. From my phone call to make an appointment to the day of pickup, I was truly helped with such professional, friendly and prompt care. And to top it all, they are very fairly priced. A big thank you, exceptional service is not something to take for granted.

– Liesl Jansen van Rensburg